Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We have moved... hope you will visit us soon!

Melissa Puli Photography has moved!!!

We can now be found at:


Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you over on our new blog!!!


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Two Little Humans and Me!!!

Over the next few days, I will be in the process of closing down this blog name and changing over to:

Two Little Humans and Me!

It's a little bit exciting and a little bit confusing to set up a new blog name, but I'll give it a go and see how it all fares out!

In the meantime, my new Facebook Page is up and running... not much on there at the moment, but if you want to pop over to say hello and "like" the page, that would be a great start!

I have loved sharing my blog with all of you and hope you join me on life's big adventure with my two little humans and me (and of course my husband!!)

Melissa xoxo

Monday, 13 May 2013


I'm not sure why exactly everyone around me seems to love Autumn... it is my least favourite season of the year.

Let me explain why... at the front of our property there is an ugly tree. When Autumn comes along, its leaves don't change to radiant reds, purples, or yellows. They instantly go brown and fall from the tree. Off the tree and into my yard. I didn't plant this tree - the council did - lots of them!!! 

And it seems  the leaves end up in my front and back yard only!! No neighbours seem to have such a collection! In turn, this makes more work for me on the weekends raking up leaves - lots of leaves!

Suffice to say, Autumn is my least favourite time of the year. The kids love it when I take them to the park and they get to run through the fallen leaves... and it makes for great photo opportunities too.

A very minute section of what needs to be collected this morning after last night's wind!

Today, I need to go and rake up the leaves (again!)... and might I add, the above image is only a very small section of what needs to be completed. My Green Waste Bin will be full this week of fallen leaves. It doesn't make for a happy camper!!

Which season do you love (or dislike)?


Friday, 10 May 2013

Funny Mother's Day Cards...

I found myself giggling away whilst on Pinterest...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Tribute to My Mum...

It wasn't until I gave birth to my little humans that I truly understood what it meant to be a mother. The constant worrying about whether or not my babies were safe and sound; the triumphs of watching them reach milestones; the beauty of watching them grow and become independent little beings.

I have been blessed in this life - so blessed with a wonderful family and support network. My Mum is the reason I am who I am today. Raising my sister and I on her own, she set the example of how to make the best of every situation and allowed the freedom to dream.

Apparently, I was an active child - always into something and up to mischief. I was your average tween attending school and working part time. I was a shocking teenager with an attitude and morbid dress sense. As my adult years came along I changed paths, which lead me to where I am today.

If it wasn't for Mum... I'm not sure what I would be doing or where I would be.

I can't post a photo of my Mum here - because to be honest she would flip it and demand it be taken down! She hates photos of herself and would be embarrassed to know her photo has gone viral! So, to save myself being yelled at... this is the best I can do to show you who my mum is...

In my 38th year, my Mum still worries about me - I don't think this is something a Mother can ever stop doing. I still get told off if she knows I have done something wrong. Mum isn't afraid to tell me when she thinks I can do better. Mum encourages me to be the best I can be each and every day.

There are so many things I would love to say about my Mum - enough to fill over 100 blog posts! But what you need to know is this... My mum is one of a kind. She's the generous spirit who fills my heart with love and kindness. She taught me to be myself. Most importantly, she is mine. Mum has the one and only lap of where I can lay my head whilst she strokes my hair. The one person who will listen when my heart is breaking. The one person I call Mum.

Thank you Mum for your magnificence. Thank you for your beauty. Thank you for being who you are today. Thank you for being my Mum. I love you.

Happy Mother's Day!


Monday, 6 May 2013

I Need a Kitchen Make Over!!

It is virtually impossible to count on two hands the number of 'Home and Kitchen Make Over' competitions I have entered in the past six months. I'm desperate - desperate to not have a green kitchen!!

With not a lot of money I have done my best to keep the kitchen looking mildly modern. Everything is so mismatched and in some areas, falling apart, that I can't think of anything else do to with it!

Did I mention it was green? Not a pleasant green either - a slightly pale, sickly looking green which was very popular around 15 to 20 years ago. Let me add, I didn't choose the original kitchen - otherwise it would be all timber!!

This is my kitchen:

Lovely green cabinet and matching handle with a very poor rendition of green marble bench top!

Top Left: Kitchen Window with the most horrible blinds which is why I leave them up all the time. Top right: The lack of shelving is evident  - did I mention it only has one powerpoint!! Bottom Left: My teeny tiny pantry and eighties cooktop - I did have to replace the oven two years ago. Bottom Right: Yay more green and yes that is pumpkin soup bubbling away on the stove!

I have researched and researched the many ways to update the kitchen cupboards and the most popular suggestion appears to be painting the laminate. Now, I have spoken to a few cabinet makers about a 'kitchen facelift' and they don't recommend this method, simply because it chips and if you get one thing wrong with it - whammo! there goes the kitchen and possibly hundreds of dollars down the drain on laminating paint!

Did I mention my dear Adam isn't exactly the most handy of people when it comes to this type of thing? And when he sees a paint brush he runs in the other direction!

So what exactly is the kitchen missing:

Additional shelving so everything doesn't fall out of the existing ones.
A bit of colour.
A much longer bench top (impossible because I will block out part of the house!)
Decent curtains or blinds.
A rangehood (yes you read right... a range hood!)

What must go:
The cooktop needs to go - it works when it wants to!
Somehow the green cupboards!

What I can live with:
I can live with the green marbled bench top.
The tiles.

Realistically, I am not asking for much... just a few extra shelves and the ability to wave a magic wand and have extra cupboard space. I love buying in bulk but I don't have anywhere to put it all.

So there you have it... my whinge about my teeny tiny kitchen. Thankfully I am not a baker or a chef extraordinaire but it is the hub of the house. With two people in the kitchen, it is overcrowded... add to it two little humans and we might as well all be sharing the one plate!

It lacks warmth and it lacks a sense of purpose. I really don't know what to do with it but would love to hear your thoughts on what I could do to spruce up my kitchen and make it feel like home!